Using organic coconut oil  helps protect your skin from the aging effects of free radicals, and can help improve the appearance of skin with its anti-aging benefits.

Facial Skin Care

Rendez-Vous skin care products contain 100% natural and active ingredients, with no water or alcohol, but freshly extracted Aloe Vera leaf juice, exceptional botanicals.

Body Treatment

The principles of nurture, total well-being, relaxation and healthy indulgence, which are reflected in the superlative quality of the treatments on offer, the exotic beauty of the spa.

Nail Service

Relaxing politeness Space blended with wave of pleasant music. Your Lovely hands / feet will be placed gently like heaven, crisp and phenomenal to every millimeter, Our professional nail technician will bring a perfectionist appearance for guest.

Popular Procedures


Aromatherapy massage

is express caring and help improve circulation to the massaged area, and it helps to stimulate muscles, dramatically reduce stress ,ease tension, headaches/migraines, cramps and spasms ,takes on a remarkable synergy.



White Rose Spa Signature

is a stimulating deep tissue massage that focuses on the muscles and tendons. By applying an ancient style of targeting pressure points, muscles and tendons the masseuse is able to release tension, rejuvenate, and also relax.